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So, once upon a time, before it was a show, Game of Thrones was a book in a series.  And before it was trendy, I’d often think “Winter is Coming”.  And sometimes that phrase gets mangled in my mind:

103 days, but who’s counting?

Anyway, part of my Christmas giving is due at Thanksgiving, which means I have even less time to do everything I need to do.  I finished one half of one gift last night.

At first I was all…

And then I was like…

But at last I was done. With this meme joke, anyway.

Now, I will never think of foxes without thinking of this:

I was so nerdy excited about this it took me just a few hours.  I freeformed one strand of acrylic and two strands of fun fur, knit in the round and turned purl side out.  Knitted directly to a crocheted belt.  It’s for a 7 year old girl, so it’s only 20″ long.  Since my towels are not the best model of fox tails, here are some action shots by a more photogenic model:

Invisible samurai sword.

“Shake your foxy tail” sounds creepy. Not that I didn’t say it, though.

Two young cheesy fox cubs.

There will also be a foxy hat, but not furry.  Well, maybe in the ears a little bit.  We’ll see.   So much more to do!  Miles of yarn to go before I sleep!

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