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I did something absolutely amazing today.  Two things, actually.  Amazing thing the first:

Double Yew Tee Eff

I was outside first thing this morning and it was so cool.  Literally cool weather.  In September!  So the kids and I spent the morning out on the deck; they played, I swept.  Tom Petty sang.  Even though I’m all sneezy and cruddy now, I still categorize this as Good Times.

Amazing thing the second:

Slots are easy.

I found out today that I have an SD slot in my new fancy pants.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?


The previous photo upload process was ridiculous.  After the Bad Bunny incident, my new camera wouldn’t upload directly to my computer so I would have to 1.) take pictures with the new camera, 2.) remove sd card and insert into old camera, 3.) load photos to computer, 4.) edit and upload to photobucket.  Now it’s not such a pain in the ass.  I like it when life throws me little something when everything else is being stupid.

In other news, crafty things are happening:

17 more days. How does this happen?

FYI, when I ask her how old she’s going to be, she holds up two fingers and says ‘bunny’.  She’s going to be bunny on her birthday.  How is she already turning bunny??

One thought on “Sneezy

  1. Jenny

    You presumably surrounded by 2 adorable children playing and you take a pic of the sky? Weak. Also I would have liked a video of the bunny story. Hilarious!
    (read: you are slacking on pics and videos). But glad you had a great day!

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