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HEADLINE: Personal Computers Planted in Human Brains!


So now that everyone is a Lieutenant Commander Data style android, I guess it was time for me to get a laptop.

Lieutenant Commander Data doesn't appreciate all this so-called fanfic.

Check out this piece of new crazy pants:

Sketchy. I mean, ETCHY. The design is etched into it.

The Mr. bought this for me as drachenfutter (and because yes, he does love me) on the same day I posted, but before he even read, this post.  I’m going to say I believe him because it makes a good story.

It's even etchy on the inside, but you need a special prescription for that.

It streams like a champ and I can finally play my games on it.  The thing I love second best about it is that it has a fingerprint reader.  I’m so busy I can’t type my 6 character password, I can just swipe my finger across the reader.  I feel so cool, in a way that only an undeserving dork could.

The best thing about the laptop? Chair. Ottoman. Down blanket. Anime.

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