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ChÜberlist: 2011–August Update


Wait, really?  Did I make it all the way to August until I made a complete fail?  That’s not the worst I’ve ever done.  I was hoping to have some slow and steady progress this year though, so turds.

It’s not that I haven’t been working, I have.  But there is school.  In my home.  There are projects that will never be done.  There is new anime.  There are new manga chapters.  New dramas and the shedding of old, dead wood.

There is Tetris and The Sims.  There is collage making.  There is new yarn and an endless list of new projects on the horizon.  There is still not a walking foot for my sewing machine.

There is a new machine in this house.

There are no new pictures.  Yet.  Not by me, anyway.  So until then, let me push some fodder on you:

They look like they're getting ready to kiss.

Congratulations to the promotion to Vice Captain! Thanks to Mr. Wilson for pointing that out!

Also, do you think James Hetfield looks like...


...Bram Stoker?

A real update coming soon, I promise.

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