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Thursday Night TV -or- I will do anything to avoid an update


This is the time of year of anticipation.  The anticipation of being able to leave the house without dying of heat stroke.  The anticipation for Autumn and Halloween and especially new shows on TV.  My life is full and exciting, no?

Thursday night TV has two shows that I must watch/DVR and of course they overlap.  First, the new season of Project Runway of which I have already missed the first episode.  When I started watching last night, my first thought was “some stupid old man and a bunch of gay dudes”.  No, not Tim Gunn (blasphemy!), the old man contestant.  Five minutes in I thought “FUCK THAT BITCH” (still not sure who I was referring to, probably some dude) and I was hooked.  Nothing makes me happier than sitting in bed with my husband and making fun of people on TV.  Yes, my husband watches PR with me.  Because he’s awesome and we like to be mean together.  It’s win-win.

Last night, this happened:

They call me a fashion wiener because I'm always wiening at fashion!

Yeah…that was the winner.  Granted, it was the wack-a-doo challenge which happened to be a pet store this time.  So that’s a dog bed and hamster cage lining.  Watching on TV made it look more bulky and awkward than it does above.  The shape is awful–is this really fashion?  Editorial fashion?  Chic fashion?  I am not on enough drugs.  Anyway…

The other new show on Thursday nights is Ancient Aliens on History Channel.  Now, I love, love, love this show.  I love the evidence, I love the theories, I love the hypocrisy of not believing in God, but believing that the gods were aliens.  It’s fun to watch and it’s interesting to think about.  Also, this dude:

Rock you like a hairicane!

He must do the juice can hair roller thing.  That shit is blown out.  And I could not stop getting pictures:

Oh, invisible sandwich meme… you get me every time!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night TV -or- I will do anything to avoid an update

  1. Robert L. Brown

    I enjoy being mean with you. I still think the birdseed was a better dress.

    I love the guy above, His hair says it all. CRAZY

    11 years ago when I had hair that is what my hair would do, other than curl up in the back, if I let it grow long.

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