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Portal & Fake British Authors


I had two separate, possibly related, most likely meaningless dreams last night:

I am in a train station (?) in the early 1940’s.  There is narration and my vision pans over to Roger Clyne who is, in my dream, a British author that will eventually be famous.

This is where lucid dreaming would have come in very handy.

The narrator screws up his name (it wasn’t Roger in the dream).  Then a really beautiful woman steps off the train and they catch each other’s eyes.  It was very romantical.  This would have made a fantastic story/dime store novel/queso-y movie.  There was also some old man with a mustache.  Godforbid I fail to mention the mustache man!

The next dream was a bit more detailed.  Preface:  I have never played Portal 2.

In my dreams I can do anything! Even play video games that aren't crappy!

Since I have only a basic idea of how the game is played, my dream took a few liberties.  First, it was REAL LIFE PORTAL but I bought a special game with a free purchase pass; if you died, you could come back to life for free rather than pay the $155 respawn fee.  I was in a cabin, maybe of the log variety, and there was a portal on the wall.  Next to that, there were poisonous flowers that were so deadly that you only had to smell them to get sick and die.

Josh grew these from a seed. They smell like poison. He's very proud of them.

The dream somehow turned into trying to save a cat that had come through the portal and was exposed to poisonous flowers.  It was a special hybrid cat and probably very expensive.  I remember rushing it outside so it could get some air but there were all of these ominous portals all over the sky.  Then I woke up.

This week I also had a dream that I was trying to ice birthday cupcakes but the icing was all black and kept falling off.  That particular dream I am sure is very easy to decipher.  The dreams above are no doubt a result of drinking water and brushing my teeth before going to bed at 11 PM.  I live such a wild and exciting life.

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