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Thomas is haunting me


No fucking shit. I had a dream last night about a ghost named Tom. I don’t remember any specific details, but I was in a house that was very reminiscent of The Others: very dusky, foggy, weird lighting. And there was a man named Tom who used to live there and he didn’t want me to be there at ALL. Then suddenly, while posting on Facebook:


The search is ON.  I found this site and this picture, which is incredibly creepy:

It's creepy in context, anyway.

Schnor is apparently a Danish name and I’m going to assume a moderately normal, common one.  However, add an extra R at the end and you get this:


I think I am going to go hide now.

One thought on “Thomas is haunting me

  1. Robert

    Just creep me out too. I was going to be worried about your post from the plot in IL, but that is pretty far away from where you grew up. Still creepy.

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