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I’m really tired.  I haven’t had enough sleep and yet I’ve had more than enough stress.  Now that doesn’t sound fair!  Speaking of nothing, do you read Film Drunk?  Because you should.  You should read it and you should like it.  Nay, you should LOVE it.  Today, I read about the new Spider-man movie and apparently it’s amazing.  As in, it is titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

Who did his hair?

Oh, now we know.

Now, lest you think I am not a fan of Marcel, I am a super fan of Marcel.  I don’t think he’s an asshole–I think he’s competitive and clever; two qualities which definitely can come off as asshole-y.  Assholish?  Assholishness?  God, asshole is a terrible word.  Anyway:

Web shooters: You're doing it wrong.

I will post more when I awaken from my magical slumber.  Good news though, it’s not my night with the baby, so I can get all hepped up on goof-balls and sleep.  Yay!

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