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We can all be turds!


It makes me sad when I like something, and when I tell people about it they look at me as if I’ve had a stroke.  That mixture of concern, pity and horror always rub me the wrong way.

Then again, when someone else likes what I like, I feel as if we are suddenly BFFs.  Soul Mates.  {Miscellaneous Thing We Both Like}4EVA!

Things have been busy in our house.  School is in full swing here (spaces still available, CPE credits available to Washington, D.C. accountants only).  Josh read a list of words today and I just about freaking cried.  I don’t know if it’s a fluke or what but I’ll take what I can get.   Video to follow.  Robin is becoming more like Josh every day in both good and bad ways.  I love it when her personality shines through, like when I am mad and scolding her and she says “okaaaay, Mom”.  She’s going to make a great teenager.

Birthday is coming up so that’s…something.  My birthday falls on a Tuesday this year.  Fun fact:  I was born on a Thursday.  “Thursday’s child has far to go” which is nice and cryptic.  I did find this:“Thur=Thor, Norse god of Thunder equivalent to Jove or Jupiter, might refer to storms traveling” so at least that’s just as confusing.  Also, this:

Pretty song, but at least the video is confusing.  We do not want to break today’s theme.

Additional cryptic and confusing fun fact at no extra charge:  I tend to blog-ramble about nothing when I have more to say, but don’t know if I want to say it here.

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