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A long time ago, I made a blanket for Robin.  It was her first: a Halloween blanket that I started for her before she was born in anticipation of a Halloweenie baby.  It was done on Nov 1, so not bad.  She looked super cute in it, too:

Not even helping. I make lazy kids.

Snug as a…n adorable baby. My children are not insects.

Also, Carmen Miranda cha-cha skirt!

This is the same blanket I made as a gift (to my friend Robin, who is married to Josh, WTF!) but there is a difference.  My blanket is different:

I wrote “blanket” but I meant “witch hat”.

No, I am NOT happy to see you. I simply have an erection.

Okay, okay, it’s fucked up. That wedge should be a half moon.

I always thought it was weird…and I could never block it right.  And then I realized I was missing a whole section.  Maybe more.  I was thisclose to throwing it away.  I made a similar mistake while pregnant/just having gave birth to Josh with a cross stitch project.  Apparently, I’m stupid when I have babies.  Even more than usual.   Anyway, I figured since I was going to throw it away, I might as well experiment with it:


I ripped it out, which was pain as the knitting starts in the center and there are increases (ie: no smooth ripping) and crocheted a simple collar.  Thus, a poncho was born:

Oh, c’mon, you had to know this was coming.

Mas adorable!

She’s going to be 2 years old this Halloween.  Which is so totally wrong.

I made the opening a bit big because I want her to wear it for a while.  I need to make up for not using it for so long.  All and all, I think this repurpose is a total win.  Don’t you agree?

6 thoughts on “Repurposed

    1. chukichi Post author

      That cute model is adorable. I should start tricking people into buying potato sacks because Robin and Josh can make anything cute. BTW, I have a cell phone video that I need to send :D

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  2. Adrienne Bugla

    Now i want a poncho in black and red!! Sheesh adrienne is there anything else i can make for you?!?! This just means i love your stuff!! P.s. I think i figured out Josh’s xmass present and im excited!! YAY!!

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