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I wish I was in Istanbul


but that is really a whole other story all together.  So many things got done this weekend!  First, the pool:

So pretty!

Let’s not discuss that for now.  How about one little thing that did get done that made me happy:

And if by craft room, you mean dorm room, then yes.

I have had a mini fridge upstairs for years now for baby formula and kiddie snacks and what have you.  Now that we have two, we need the space in the bathroom and this sat in the hallway forever so I cleaned it up and tucked it under my craft table.  And there’s even space for my (the Mr’s) CD player.  So it’s totally 1997 in there.  All I need now are bunk beds, the best roommate ever, the best catty-corner-across the-hall neighbors ever and three whores next door and it will feel like college all over again.

One more thing:

To be fair, I didn't drink Diet Cokes in 1997, but let's just pretend I did, okay?


3 thoughts on “I wish I was in Istanbul

  1. Jenny

    If that fridge was filled with Sunny D then it would truly be 1997! But a fridge full of diet coke is always a win!
    and best roommate ever.. hah! why you didn’t kill me I’ll never know. I on the other had really did have the best roommate. :)

    1. chukichi Post author

      The best part about having this fridge: I forget that it’s there. So I’ll be upstairs, doing nothing, being thirsty but too lazy to go downstairs. Then suddenly, ICE COLD REFRESHMENTS. It’s like magic.

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