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Halloween in June


The Halloween quilt is coming along.  I didn’t want to waste one scrap even though much of my fabric was big prints (6″ squares).

Everything cut and blocks sewn and strings everywhere. I think I'm the messiest sewing lady ever.

At this point I had squares but no idea how to piece them.  There are probably really detailed quilters out there that measure and know and calculate and envision.  That’s not me.  It might be me one day, when I grow up.  I still want to say sew-er and not seamstress.  Or quilter.  I don’t feel like I’ve earned either of those titles.  Sew-er (heh, sewer) seems to fit me just fine.  Anyway, since I had no idea what I was going to do with these bajillion 6″ squares, I thought I’d use some tiny graph paper and make corresponding blocks, cut them out and arrange them.  Because that sounds like something a normal person would do.

At first I was all...

...and then I was all...

...but then finally I was like...

WTF.  Why don’t I ever do the easy thing first?  I really did earn my rap name:  Tedious-C.  I took pictures so I’d remember and I should have the top, sans border, pieced in a day or two.  6″ square are quick and easy like your mom.

Or should I say My Mom! Nah...YOUR mom.

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