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Here be Dragons


Even before Robin was born, I knew that I’d be re-purposing Josh’s clothes for her.  Luckily, she’s girly no matter what and since she’s the little sister of a very boyish boy, we don’t have to worry about balance.

Julie Kundhi’s blog, specifically, this post, inspired me way back when.  Also, Robin gets mistaken for a boy all the time.  She gets mistaken for a boy even if she’s wearing sparkly pink glitter shoes and pink pants.  But if she’s wearing a green or blue shirt, fuck that:  BLUE AND GREEN ARE FOR BOYS!  I get particularly aggravated at this because I am always being mistaken for a guy.  Because I wear jeans and tee shirts and I don’t have enormous breasts.  Because girls aren’t allowed to wear tee shirts about comic strips or video games unless you’re a size small with DDD+ breasts and the tee shirt is two sizes too small.  Instead of bitching, let’s get on to the shirt:

Robin wears this shirt all the time. Robin is also a girl. BIZZARO.

It’s so freaking awesome, though.  I wish I had one in my size.  How can you not love this?

Dragon?  Skull Hill?  Formula for Invisibility?!! WANT!

This shirt is a heathered navy blue, not whatever color it shows in this picture.

I took an XL tee shirt that never gets worn and cut off 6″ from the bottom.  No extra seaming + no hemming = happy lazy mom.

Here is a picture showing how big and long this shirt is on Robin already.  Pro tip: let your model wake up for 10 minutes before demanding a photo:

Eff Em El!!!!

Now, I spent a fair amount of time futzing over the skirty ruffle (ruffly skirt?).  I thought I should ruffle the skirt part by hand to make sure it would fit the shirt and I wanted to test the length anyway.  It was way super long so I cut to 4″and said screw it to hand prep.  I just threw it on the machine and sewed it to how I felt it would work best.  And it worked.

Slow mo action shot.

Not pictured: the gun pointed at her.

The tee shirt is perfect for a lazy seamstress.  There is a double hem so I just pulled the gray part up and went to it.  You can’t see any stitches and it let me get it done in about 10 minutes.  FYI: for ruffles you should choose a fabric at least twice as big as what you’re ruffling.  I wouldn’t have minded a more pronounced ruffle on this but it serves its purpose.   It is a little bit long, but the shirt is big, too and I know I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.  And when it’s too short to wear alone, she can wear shorts with it.  I am definitely going to make more of these since Robin has a ton of hand me downs from Josh.

With this new tee shirt dress and flower sandals…I am sure that people will still think she is a boy.  Whatever, I think she’s awesome!

2 thoughts on “Here be Dragons

    1. chukichi Post author

      Thanks! This is a great option even if you don’t have hand me downs, but you have a particularly nerdy husband who wants his daughter to be nerdy, too. But that’s just a random generalization not based on anyone that we know.

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