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ChÜberlist: 2011–May Update


May is over? WTF!?!

I can’t believe May is over.  Holiday weekend has come and gone with barely a whisper.  But that’s fine, really.  Drama:  do not want.

11. 5 pairs of baby booties: 2 down, 3 to go

Not earth shattering, but satisfying in their speed.

22. Sew 3 additional pieces of clothing for Robin: 1 down, 2 to go.  I modified this shirt and will post with more pics.

Josh's old tee shirt from his Momo and Nana.

25. Finish Witch cross stitch – done!
39. Take advantage of a free library event once a month starting no later than march – am going to consider this done.  We have been going religiously every week and it’s a blast!  Summer session starts soon and we’re very excited.
51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store – Dresser is now in my bedroom, headboard/footboard/rails are in Robin’s closet and remaining pieces are going to stay in the den for storage and a computer area for the kids.
58. Clean up all tools/building supplies that are laying around the house – done!  I don’t know how long it’s been since the upstairs hallway has been clean, but let me tell you, it’s been a long damn time.


Clean from this way, too! The paint in the hallway/foyer is all one color. Thank you, sunlight for making everything weird.

Amazingly, everyone is happy that the hallway is clean.  More space to play?  Check.  Random pieces of wood and three saws are now suddenly not available to little hands?  Check.  Mother of the Year award?  Check.

Started/In Process:
19. 5 baby quilts or blankets-one down, one on needles, one about to go under the blade
24. Start postage stamp quilt; at least 2 squares (12”) done by year end
26. Complete one new cross stitch project – in progress:

Slowly but surely. And faster than before.

49. Do one home repair item per month: stain and seal deck -products purchased, now just need to do eet.  Per product instruction the ideal temp should be less than 90 degrees so I better get started.
73. Make a Halloween quilt by Halloween – all fabric is cut and now I just need to decide how I want to arrange them.

6 gigantic inches to accommodate the patterns! Of course, the ones you see are not the ones I'm referring to.

Spring was here for 10 minutes and now so much of the day is totally unbearable.  Sand table is up and popular, hoping to have the new mini pool up soon but the knitting has slowed to a crawl.  Wool?  Sweaters?  June?  The South?  No thank you.  I have got to get out of this lazy funk, seriously.  So much to do!

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