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Blog Dump: Post Rapture Edition


Surprise!  I’m still here.  I waited for a while to make sure the Rapture wasn’t late.  It’s the last day of May and yes, the update is coming but I wanted to clean out my brain of all the other stuff first.  So here we go:

1. The Rapture:  As I mentioned, I didn’t go anywhere, nor did anyone else.  I really feel sorry for people that believed.  I think it’s best summed up here:

I'm officially finally not the saddest person ever.

Also, funny:



2. Obsession:  The Mr. and I have been playing Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook non stop because we are dorks.  Since my last post, I’ve had quite a bit of progress:

I'm really excited about this! More than I should be! Exclamation points!!!!!

Did I mention how excited I am about this game?

This picture needs no caption. Other than the one I just wrote.

3. I guess I really didn’t need to number these, huh.

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