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Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty Yukata (via Tokyobling’s Blog)


Quick re-post. I would love to have this fabric. I hate having “everything is cooler everywhere else” syndrome. If you’re not cool like I am, start reading and follow!/tokyo_bling. You will be instantly cooler and have minty fresh breath.*

Coming soon: projects, end of month ChÜberlist update and super cute pictures of Robin. If you don’t know the password for protected posts yet, just ask.

Hint: my password is stupid. (Not the actual password, but stupid used as a descriptive adjective.)

*You may not be cooler and you may not have minty fresh breath. But you really should, they go hand in hand.

Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty Yukata I agree that is a long title but how else am I supposed to describe this sartorial piece of art in display at the Hello Kitty flagship store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district? Is this something we will see a lot of on the streets of Tokyo come summer, or is this just a marketing ploy by the HK team at Sanrio, to cash in on the shop’s close proximity to the center of Japanese otaku girl culture, Otome Dori? Only time will tell! … Read More

via Tokyobling’s Blog

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