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Pre-Rapture Confessions


1. I’ve been on a diet and so far have lost 8 lbs.  But now I’m PMSing super hard and have gained 3 lbs which had totally better be fucking water weight.  I didn’t diet for the rapture for nothing.

2. My house is messy.

Like this but worse. I do wear an apron when I do dishes though, because I'm a mess.

Am I breaking Mom code by admitting this?  I am being kind when I say messy.  I think I’m a slob.  My kitchen is a mess.  I will get a wild hair up my ass and clean really well but on a regular day, I will leave dirty dishes in the sink, not wipe the stove or counters, etc.  This is a horrible, childish habit.  And when I’m making dinner, I get mad because I don’t have any work space.  What am I, like 12?

3. I have no cultural identity.

I'm the one on the left.

I want to pass on the traditions and foods I had as a child, but I absolutely feel like a fraud.  I haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year in…I don’t know.  7 years?  Something like that.  I also rarely cook Chinese or Thai food and I’ve made egg rolls one time.  One time ever. They were zomgtotallyfantastic.  But only once.   When people ask me about my heritage, I explain that I am Chinese and Thai…and immediately follow that up with “but I was born in Illinois and my friends joke that I am the whitest kid they know!!!”.  First, TMI.  Also, I think that makes me sound like I’m embarrassed by my heritage.  I dunno.

4. I am greedy with my time.  Greedy as in, if you’re not worth my time, I will not invest in you.  It sounds so harsh but it’s the truth.  It’s the nature of my life now.  I don’t have time to spare to people who don’t contribute to my life in a positive way.  This helps to keep negativity out my life; I can’t control many things that cross my path, but I can control how I choose to spend my own time and who I surround myself with.

5. I have a new favorite show.

It's actually a really good show with great story lines.

My favorite characters are Tezz Volitov and Sherman Cortez.  I love geniuses and men with accents.  Tezz fulfills both those criteria.  Sherman is genius as well and looks like a football player.  Done and done.

Okay, I think that’s plenty for pre-rapture confessions!

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