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Can’t sleep; raiding


Seriously.  Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook is kind of taking over my life.  It’s like a poor man’s Warcraft which is perfect, since I’m a poor man.

Or woman, whatever.

While I wait for my spoils of war, I wanted to share the wonderful treasures that the Mr. was able to salvage via a box of quilt patterns from his Grandmother’s house:

Plain boxes usually have the best stuff. And not just porn.

No one wanted it, which is amazing and sad to me.  I hope that when I die one of my kids or grandkids will want all my inevitable yarn stash, needles and books.  There weren’t just patterns in the box, but recipes and other pieces of awesome.  Vintage awesome.

I think this is a cookbook that came with an appliance?

I have a notebook with cut out recipes, too!!!

A lot of recipes came from the AGL newsletter; check out the date!!

How freaking awesome is this!?!

I am so happy to have gotten this.  I haven’t even had a chance to go through the patterns but as you can see, this stuff is in tip top shape for being so old.  I’m so excited to start going through everything.  Lucky, lucky me!  Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep; raiding

  1. Molly

    Mom is planning on you taking all of the gazillions of cross stitch things she has: DMC floss, magazines, material, whatever, after she’s gone.

    1. chukichi Post author

      I’d be glad to have it, and not for a long time, hopefully. Also, I’m sure by then it will all be cataloged, indexed and cross referenced by color, code and brand and stored in neat and tidy bins ready for gift giving. :D

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