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Photo Dump: Random Turtle Edition


1. Terry Border of Bent Objects fame has no regard for my delusions of reference:

Not to be confused with my delusions of grandeur.

2. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.  And just like The Ring, I have to get it into your head so the curse might be lifted from me.  

3. Arnold and Maria are separated after 25 years of marriage.  I have never seen Predator and for whatever stupid reason, I kind of thought Arnold was Predator as opposed to the guy that is hunting Predator.  At least calling him Terminator is appropriate.

Miscellaneous Fact: I have no pictures from my own wedding.

I was going to post more here but I will summarize: If you have been twice divorced by the age of 30 and your entire relationship lasted less than a year from introduction to divorce (each marriage), you have nothing to contribute to the conversation of a couple who is having marital problems after 25 years.

4. Fuck you, summer in Atlanta.  Why did you kill Spring?

And I had to chase the cat around the yard today, too.

Coincidentally, I hit almost every point in this article posted today.

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