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Mother’s Day 2011


Too little, too late.

I am generally conflicted on Mother’s Day.  It really causes a ton of anxiety for me, mainly because I’m estranged from my entire family and by choice they have never met or seen my children (not even pictures to my knowledge).  It’s a day that stresses me out more than any other holiday.

Also, I’ve had a few wiener Mother’s Days in the past but I’m happy to say that seems to be firmly in the past.

I had a really nice, relaxing day.  The whole family went to Sam’s Club and spent like $500 which sounds excessive but I hadn’t gone in a while and I had to get diapers and wipes which were about $100 by themselves.

I didn’t have to do anything all day.  No diapers, no cleaning, no feeding anything but my own lazy face.  Yeah, diet, right…  it was Mother’s Day.  Screw it.

I got a great dinner from Outback and the best part was the steak.  I kid you not, it was extremely phallic in its shape.  Let me be more specific:  it looks like they traced a dildo and balls on a steak and cut it out just for me.  In a rare and unprecedented moment of maturity, I didn’t take a picture of it and have regretted it every minute of every day since.  It may be my life’s biggest failing.

I did get an awesome and very unexpected gift, though:


Specifically these rainbow sticks.  I have the same set in acrylic and I had worked very hard to convince myself that the Harmony wood set was simply an aesthetic choice and it wouldn’t make that much of a difference.  LIES.  ALL LIES.  I don’t know why it feels so much better.  Smoother than bamboo but still with enough catch that I’m not losing stitches.  It is simply fancy pants.  I love them.  I’ve already been using them and will now surely neglect the acrylic set and only break them out when I feel like slumming.  (Not really, I love the acrylic set, too!)

Now I have no idea what to do for Father’s Day.  I have a gift or two in mind but this was a pretty freaking nice holiday.  :)

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