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Pithier than thou


Man, screw blocking.

At least for this.  I decided to wash and dry it via machine because it’s a baby blanket.  For a baby.  I know it’s a gift, but I also believe that certain baby things, like blankets and toys, are meant to be used.  Used, dirtied, chewed on, spit up on, have food thrown it, etc.  And they should be washed.  For me, a worn out stained blanket or toy is a compliment–that means it was used and hopefully a lot.

Clothes are different, and can be made a bit more fussy and are worth the effort of hand washing, but I prefer that some the things I make be used without the fear of stains.  And to be fair, it looks just fine not blocked.

Was not about to take out that pristine white blanket onto the deck.

I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to make anymore blankets like these without some circ extenders but zomgrufflez:

I want to ruffle everything. I have problems.

I have one more little thing I might put in this gift box before it’s sent to Indiana depending on my attention span and ability to stay awake during nap time.

UPDATE: I have no attention span nor any ability to stay awake during nap time.   Luckily, there are always additional opportunities to make things.  Also, I was paranoid I’d never send the blanket out, so I just sent it.

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