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For me?


Yes, just for you. Only you.

Oy, brace yourself.  I am a whiny bitch today.  And yes, I know there are people with more problems than I and I know I should be grateful for what I have (and I am) but you know what, fuck all that.

I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, but no, I still have not received my last box from Office Depot.  Thanks, UPS for being retarded and thank you Office Depot for being totally worthless.  To paraphrase Nick Swardson, Office Depot’s retarded and has forty dicks in his mouth at all times.

First, the positive: my poop chute is fixed.

I’m 12 years old and poop jokes are still funny.  Anyway, all jokes aside, I am so happy that we found a good plumber.  I didn’t take any before pictures because I’m lame.  Everything was done on Wednesday and took about 2.5 hours to do everything, including install my new kitchen sink faucet for free.

You can barely tell that anything was done, other than the sudden lack of hedge.

Not so lucky: the basement. Waiting on estimates from restoration companies.

And yeah, that’s poop.  Water, sewage, food…anything that gets flushed down the toilet or flows down a drain.  I hope the clean up of this isn’t more than $1000, which is my insurance deductible.  I have Liberty Mutual and they have alluded to the fact that they might not pay for anything since we didn’t fix the problem right away.  Which we could not do because a busted sewer line isn’t covered under homeowners insurance (only the damage).  So since we had no help from the insurance company, and no help from anyone else we were pretty much stuck until we found a plumber that would actually work with us and let us pay it out.  And now, because we “chose” to wait, they  might not pay for the damage to our home.  Don’t lie.  You’re jealous of my life.  It’s okay.

Anyone in the Atlanta area in need of a plumber, check out Royal Flush Plumbing.  They have won me over and I can’t wait to refer them.  I am literally embarrassed by their kindness and concern and I think they are a great example of how to be a profitable business while still working with people to make sure they’re safe.  I am honest when I say that I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a company that made me feel that the priority was my family and me instead of a dollar.

More positivity: the sink faucet they replaced for free.  At 8:30 at night.  AFTER they worked so hard to fix the busted pipe:

Baby not included.

Here’s what was there before.  Three men, one of which is a master plumber with 28 years of experience, could not get that faucet out so I don’t feel so shitty.  They used a reciprocating saw to hack it out of there.  So now, I’m not wasting 15 gallons of water a day and it’s all shiny and new.

This post wasn’t as whiny as I thought it was going to be.  And I just realized I got to knock a couple more things off my ChÜberlist: 2011.

Counting your blessings does work.

4 thoughts on “For me?

  1. Molly

    The new faucet looks amazing! Great job picking it out :)
    The plumbing company Mom uses, Ernie’s Plumbing, is also really nice. I’m happy that things are beginning to look up, albeit slowly.

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