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Never underestimate


the stupidity of people.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

I ordered office supplies from Office Depot on Friday with free delivery on Monday.  Usually, I love, love, love Office Depot–buy $50 worth of stuff and it gets delivered free the next day.  Sweet deal, right?  I’ve been ordering like this from them for years and couldn’t be happier.

Until this week.  [queue dramatic music]

Delivery is scheduled for between 8:30 and 5 PM; I planned on giving them until 6 PM as it was being delivered to my residence and not a business.  I was expecting two (2) boxes and 6 PM came and went.  7 PM came and went.  Then about a quarter after 7 the doorbell rings and from the time it took to walk from the kitchen to the front door, the guy was already back on his truck and gone.  The Mr. even yelled at him to stop but he probably didn’t hear.

One box only.

That night, the tracking for the second box was updated for delivery the next day, 4/12.  Tick, tock.  All day.  Nothing.  So at 9 PM, I sent a message to their customer service and got my response today:


I’m aggravated.  Having worked in customer service my whole life this abysmal attempt at solving my problem just makes me want to scream.  I ordered online so I wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of hauling the kids out to the store; my aggravation at this point is above and beyond the ass pain that it is to go shopping with the kids.

6 thoughts on “Never underestimate

    1. chukichi Post author

      Well, actually, I’d bug Office Depot about it because I am their customer. They should be on UPS’ ass about me not having my stuff WHICH I STILL DON’T FUCKING HAVE AS OF 9:36 EST ON 4/13. poop heads.

  1. chukichi Post author

    FAAAAAAAAAAAACK no. I got another email from Office Depot and the person was more apologetic and asked for me to wait until 5 PM and I waited until almost 10 and I am still boxless. I WANT MAH FUKAN BOXAS! I told them I want my money back because fuck you and your fucking fancy one week boxes!!!!!

      1. Molly

        Hopefully they’ll do that for you.

        During Christmas, Mom ordered 2 Crock Pots (one for Mindi, one for Wayne). UPS rang the bell and started to walk away. She went to the door and saw only one box and chased after the guy who was just getting into his truck. She told him there should be two boxes and he was like, “No I only show one.” She made him look on his truck and, low and behold! there was a second box!

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