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Throw Yourself Like Seed


Last week, Josh and I decided to plant some seeds.  Apparently, every parent is supposed to plant seeds with their children.  If you didn’t know, now you do.

Knowing is half the battle; the other half is violence.

So we got to it: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, dahlias and marigolds.  Josh loves flowers and especially yellow ones.  He was very excited.

Excited and full of cheesy goodness or possibly in excruciating pain.

Three seeds per each. Once they sprouted, I figured out that he missed one.

One week later, and they’ve been doing great.  I RTFM (or directions, whatever) and they’ve been doing fine.  They sat outside yesterday for the first time; we skipped today because it was so windy.  Like, windy-windy.  The cucumbers are doing the best so far; bell peppers have yet to sprout.  They take as long as two weeks to sprout!  No wonder I’m paying $3 EACH for them at the store.

I added steroids to the cucumber seeds. Can you tell?

I’m really hoping to get something started.  I think it will be fun, and could actually cut down our food costs.  I need to plant more cucumbers next week (plant in 3 week intervals for maximum cucumberage) and I also need to get some regular tomatoes as you really can’t make sauce out of cherry tomatoes.

One thought on “Throw Yourself Like Seed

  1. Molly

    How fun! I inherited Mom’s black thumb unfortunately. The only thing I “grew” was in kindergarten when they had us let a potato sit until it sprouted.

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