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Finally!  A spring day!  The recent storms here have put the kibosh on pollen so it’s been pretty nice.  This morning we planned to play out on the deck but I had to make some preparations first.

Note to myself: This will not deter zombies.

Boris is a sad sack and I wanted him to have some outside time, too, but he’s always running out into the woods and sniffing things.  Believe it or not, this horrible contraption worked and he lounged out on the sunny deck with me while the kids some bubble fun:

Like an organ grinder and his monkey, but in a really cute way.

Bubbles are HILARIOUS.

All my kids, hanging out.

Oh, deck. How I love thee!

Boris is, if anything, a really good sport.

Do not fear:  I had a good time, too.


Honestly, I felt pretty brave taking out some white cotton onto the deck with kids and cats and pollen and sticky bubbles about.  But it was all good.  A nice break from being cooped up in the house for one thing or another.

Now, everyone has eaten and is napping.  Not bad.

Not bad at all.

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