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ChÜberlist: 2011–March Update


Well shitballs. March was a pain in the ass. March finds us in the heat of tax season, Josh’s birthday and the start of spring storms. Oh, and pollen. Speaking of pollen, on the sign in front of the florist it says “Pollen is better than snow”. Really? No. That sign is a LIE. The lie of all LIES to those of us who have allergies (everyone, when you live in Atlanta). Snow has never made me sick, ever. I don’t get pollen days. I’ve never made a pollen man. I don’t play in the pollen. And on and on and on. Anyway…

I did get some things done, if you can believe it.

16. Knit three pairs of gift socks Okay, one down, two to go! I made Josh a fun pair of Cable Twist Socks out of Knit Picks Stroll in Cartoons. I’m so happy to report that they fit perfectly!

Kind of a shitty, eye searing picture.

60. Clean off and actually use the kitchen desk. This took literal days to finish. I don’t think I have any “before” pictures. I have “before” pictures that I cannot find. I’m happy with the result but I can’t say that I’m “using” the desk more.

New paint, eventually to be the whole kitchen.

Not enough fruit. Also, pigs class up the joint.

The list item was "desk", not "desk and surrounding area"

61. Do a household purge, one room each month starting no later than March. Okay, no picture here, but I cleaned the foyer WHICH COUNTS AS A ROOM BECAUSE MY FOYER IS HUGE. I also used Orange Glo on the floors and that shit works like magic. Oh Billy Mays, you were right all along! This room was difficult because it’s one of may “catch all” areas. I will get pictures. You can freaking bowl in there it’s so clean and shiny!

Deadline fails:
39. Take advantage of a free library event once a month starting no later than march. Fail.

Slacking on:
35. Play outside additional two times a week
38. Budget $50 per month for home school supplies.
51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store
45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet
71. Take more process photos of projects.

No serious plans for April. Other than for our whole family to get through tax season. On the needles are baby blankets. I have not done any sewing, though I have been slowly working through my fabric stash (folding, washing, ironing, etc). All my scrap is slowly getting cut up into squares of 3″, 2″ and 1.5″ depending on how big the scrap is.

I plan on seeing a lot more progress starting at the end of April/beginning of May.

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