this thing is still about things

FF, Blog Edition


I should do Follow Friday more, because I like things and you should like the things that I like. People always tell you about things they hate, like the time I was on the MARTA train and two guys told me how bad Bad Boyz 2 was. If strangers on a train will tell you how bad a movie is, you should believe them.

By the way, I wish I had some kind of drunken audio or video clip to enhance last night’s post, but I don’t. In a totally unrelated and boring note, I’m watching Dora the Explorer and Dora and Boots are helping the music teacher get to school on time. The fastest way is via zip line. I guess like #1 on this list via Okay…

9 Chickweed Lane
Wapsi Square
Looking for Group
Penny Arcade
Penny And Aggie
Punch an’ Pie
Velia, Dear

A Caffeinated Yarn
Eleven Stitches
Thrifty Knitter
The Keyboard Biologist
Oiyi’s Crafts
A Friend to Knit With
Julie Kundhi
zigzag stitch
Attic 24
Rebecca Danger
Passing Down Crazy
Stitches in Play
Knitting to Stay Sane
made by rae
Oh, Brother!!!
Little Cotton Rabbits
Split Yarn
completely cauchy

Everything Else:
Dear Abby
What Would Tyler Durden Do?
Bent Objects
Dear Margo
i can has cheezburger
Dumb Things I’ve Done Lately
Tokyobling’s Blog
Queen of teh World
It’s a Life

Well shit, that was tedious. On the upside, that’s everything, pretty much, so I will never have to do this again. Also, since I’m feeling like a real asshole today, I leave you with this:


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