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An excuse to use the word Crapulence


Blogs, are by nature, a crapulent vehicle for our egos. Who gives a shit about what you’re doing?


Also, the sweater/cake/birdhouse/kid you made is by far the ugliest and most disgusting thing ever forced on to the internet. I’m the same, of course, except for the awesome sweater/cake/birdhouse that I made for my ethereal offspring.

Anyway, I wanted to share this crapulent screen cap with you:

Guess which one is mine.

I am so crapulent that I screen capped my own comment because I made myself laugh.

A room. A whole room!

I still love you, Henry Rollins. All men fall to the temptation of vanity at some point or another.

Pictured: an oxymoron

4 thoughts on “An excuse to use the word Crapulence

    1. chukichi Post author

      I’m stupid because I don’t think I understand your comment. The tights don’t do him justice…so you don’t love him anymore? I would think that you still love him even though the tights don’t do him justice. So confused.

  1. chukichi Post author

    Which is why you should love him *despite* the fact that those tights are worthless. YOU ARE NOT TIGHTS YOU ARE JUST PANTS. I am going to make muffins for breakfast tomorrow, skip work and come over and eat animal shaped muffins.

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