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Organized = Productive?


No. The answer to that query is a staunch NO. I think I’m done with organizing the yarn, other than the ones that are MIA. I’ve moved on to the fabric. Everything has been washed and dried…and nothing else. So they’re all wrinkled and twisted and frayed and one hell of a mess. So I’ve been ironing everything and folding things I have no immediate plans for and the rest is being hung up on hangers in groups so I can actually have a reminder that these things will eventually be used for something. Someday.

In the meantime, here is what I’ve done with my yarn:

The empty spot is also now full of yarn. Misc art & craft supplies are in the rest and I even have room to grow! :D

And now, as mrsenglund07 was curious, here are a few shots of what’s in the drawers:

Photobucket Wool
More wool
Sock Yarn & Lace

FUN! There is more yarn than this but I’m too lazy to photograph everything. I can’t wait to show that I have actually organized my fabric, too!

2 thoughts on “Organized = Productive?

  1. mrsenglund07

    I take it you are planning to make a couple of blue sweaters? Or outfit the entire US Army with blue scarves? Or maybe move to Alaska? I should show these pictures to my husband so he will stop giving me a hard time about the amount of yarn I have. LOL And what does one make with cotton yarn?
    I am inspired by your organization. My sewing room looked like that for a little while, but then I used it… *le sigh* Perhaps I will try to get back in there and make it beautiful again so that I can show you pictures.

    1. chukichi Post author

      The top picture is a really dark navy wool from Knit Picks that I got on Cyber Monday for like, $2 each; the blue in the third picture I got my local yarn store for cheap, too, but I can’t remember the price! The bulky yarn in the third picture (cadet blue) was also a cyber Monday Knit Picks deal. Mind you, the detail photos aren’t all of it! And yes, sweaters are planned (two for Robert, one forest green and one chocolate brown, at least one for me in some sort of blue color).

      It gets cold in Georgia once in a while.

      The (shitty) blanket I made for you is cotton; baby blankets, sweaters and toys are good in cotton. I think the mercerized cotton is better though because it’s a bit shinier (fancier!) and doesn’t pill as badly as regular cotton. Also good are things like washcloths and dishcloths.

      I am making progress with my fabric though it’s a slow go. I might make something, some day. My kids are naked, LOL

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