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No Country for Old Men


So the Mr.’s birthday was a week or two ago and my gift to him was the overwhelming sense of his age. Yay! Winning!

Terrible Sheen references aside, I did make him feel old with this:

Is there anything I can put here that would make a difference?

Here is where things get weird… or at least coincidental…He received the actual Red Box D&D set for his 12th birthday–25 years ago. He also had the poster hanging in his room. I didn’t know any of this, so either I know my husband, or I’m just lucky.

I also was able to sneak in some sewing and make him a pair of pajama pants that fit him without a fitting, thankyouverymuch. All of his pajama pants were almost 10 years old and have now been regulated to the re-purpose pile.

The kids are going to have a bunch of new flannel pants, by the way.

Let’s face it, you know what pants look like, right?

Totally not crooked!

First time making pants with pockets. I know, right?

All in all, he had a pretty good birthday and in fact, was probably one of our most drama free events in a while. And I couldn’t be happier.

If you were curious, yes, we hang up all of our pajamas. We don’t have a dresser/chest of drawers/bureau. Are you happy?!?

2 thoughts on “No Country for Old Men

  1. mrsfisch

    LOVE the pics of Robin in the blue sweater! Though she’d be cute wrapped in toilet paper. I love her cheeks! James wanted me to let you know that he still has this D&D box set (don’t know why you’d care). You’re a way cooler wife than I am – I’d never let him walk around in that shirt! Not even on the nights when he has his boyfriends over to PLAY D&D! =)

  2. chukichi Post author

    Robert doesn’t think he still has it; he says “you never know”. He says he has the Box of the Immortals which means nothing to me nor to you but maybe to James. Why aren’t we next door neighbors?

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