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75 Little Ways to be a Good Mother


From this Yahoo! article here. Because honestly, I think we all need reminders once in a while.

75 Little Ways to be a Good Mother

75) Color a page that your child selects for you in their coloring book. Label it “to” them.
74) Be the person you want them to become.
73) Let an argument go.
72) Hug them. For at least 30 seconds.
71) Stop what your are doing to listen to them.
70) Sing a song to them.
69) Write a poem about them.
68) Put a little mailbox outside of their room door and deliver “mail” to them.
67) Talk well about them in front of other people (and them!)
66) Apologize when you are wrong.
65) Read them a book.
64) Let them color your driveway with chalk.
63) Let them help you cook.
62) Tell them that you are not perfect and you do not expect them to be either.
61) Let them see you forgive someone and not talk bad about them later.
60) Tell them they are everything you ever wanted in life
59) Tell them the truth.
58) Talk to them, for 20 minutes a day about whatever they want to tell you.
57) Respect their privacy
56) Pray for them
55) Do something nice for your spouse in front of them
54) Do not embarrass them
53) Tell them the story of when they were born/adopted
52) Take pictures of them
51) Find out what their interests are
50) This is different from what your interests are for them to do
49) Be kind to their friends
48) Let them help others
47) Help them decide what kind of person they want to be
46) Be their biggest fan. Others will criticize them enough.
45) Make them a CD of their favorite music.
44) Love them.
43) Limit television time.
42) Take them to a bookstore and let them pick a book.
41) Take road trips with them
40) Do not tolerate their fits. This is as much for them as it is for you.
39) Be their friend.
38) Talk to them about what your values are.
37) Think of them -first.
36) Show them that they are special to you.
35) Teach them your religion.
34) Show them how to have good relationships by watching you and your spouse.
33) Say yes.
32) Teach them how to do their own laundry and pick up after themselves.
31) Tell them that you love them unconditionally.
30) Be there for them even if it is 4:00 a.m.
29) Be careful of how much you act like you need a break from them. They are listening.
28) Tell them you are proud of them.
27) Rent them the same movie that they have already seen and don’t say anything about it
26) Taking their side will actually help them see the other person’s point of view. If you push them away, they will not listen to you.
25) Make them laugh.
24) Buy them flowers.
23) Answer their questions. All 2 million of them.
22) Wash their sheets a lot. Fresh sheets are something they will remember.
21) Plant a flower with them. Children love gardening.
20) Tell them a secret to keep. Trust them.
19) Keep their secrets. This is so important.
18) Hold them when they cry. Let them hold you.
17) Pick your battles. Everyone has bad days. They are no different.
16) Bathe them often. This makes them feel better – physically and emotionally.
15) Take care of your health. You want to stay around for a while.
14) Let them be little.
13) Really live where you are. Take them to the fair. Let them have a sense of community.
12) Forgive yourself.
11) Love them just the way they are. That is how they love you.
10) Encourage them daily.
9) Teach them that they are not better than anyone else. Also teach them that no one is better than them. Especially as far as you are concerned.
8 ) Tuck them in. Let your voice be the last one they hear at the end of the day.
7) Let them go.
6) Learn things from them. They will teach you more than you will ever teach them.
5) Don’t compare yourself. You are the best parent for the job. That is why they were given to you.
4) Be silly. Smile, laugh, and play outside with them.
3) Treat your parents the way you want your kids to treat you.
2) Enjoy it while it lasts. They won’t be this way for long.
1) If you are feeling less than, ask them why you are a good mommy, and be prepared to cry.

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