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ChÜberlist: 2011–February Update


First, here is a picture of a breakfast sandwich:

Home made is less greasy which is kind of sad as fat is the delicious transporter of flavor. Still gonna keep eating them.

On to the “done” round up!
5. Knit a sweater (dress!)for Robin.
29. Finish Robin’s hex quilt
32. Have Robin sleeping in her own room by March 31 Done and DONE! DONE FOR NIGHT TIME AND NAP TIME DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE
34. go to the park two times a week — in progress, been going twice a week for two weeks; not bad for me since I’m a lazy ass.
69. Read two books out of my library that I’ve never read before. One down, one more to go.

What can I say, it was a short month. I did a lot in January and there are things in progress which I’ve not yet shown. I think I’m going to call them ChÜberlist: Extra Credit since they are projects but not on my list.

1. Knit casual sweater for Robert. STARTED
6. Knit hat collection for myself (hat a day) – need six more; one needs to be frogged and re-knit. One each in the collection should be a slouchy tam and one should be Fair Isle. STARTED
11. 5 pairs of baby booties STARTED
12. 5 baby hats STARTED
15. Finish Josh’s knitted blanket STARTED
19. 5 baby quilts or blankets STARTED
20. Sew 5 pj pants for Robin PLANNED
21. Sew 5 pj pants for Josh PLANNED
24. Start postage stamp quilt; at least 2 squares (12”) done by year end PLANNED
45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet PLANNED
51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store PLANNED
58. Clean up all tools/building supplies that are laying around the house. PLANNED
60. Clean off and actually use the kitchen desk. PLANNED/STARTED/PLANNED
61. Do a household purge, one room each month starting no later than March. PLANNED
70. Use the treadmill three times a week. STARTED

Plan to do more than you can and then do it all.

Funny unrelated anecdote: Josh was showing me a trick the other day and instead of saying “Ta-Da!” he said “Ta-Ta!”. It was amusing and yes, I corrected him. He’s a boy, he’ll be running around screaming TATAS soon enough.

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