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The Domestification


Would you like to know the exact moment that you become boring? When you question whether you are boring or not. Moving on…

I have not always been the uber domina that I am now. When I was in high school, during the height of X-Files mania, I was sure I was going to grow up and be Dana Scully.

Like looking in a mirror.

I was also sure I was going to be a doctor. And then a psychologist. And then I was sure that I was going to go back to school after establishing residency so I could afford to stay in school. And then I was sure…pretty much about nothing.

Being a wife and mother was always far from my mind. I knew how to cook and sew and knit before I graduated high school, though. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family two years in a row before I left for college. I cooked dinners and snacks in illicit cookware in my dorm room.

And now, a stay at home mom, mother of two, lazy bum. I am constantly cooking and cleaning. My kids are growing and learning. I am three skills from being Little House on the Prairie certified. I’m still a terrible housekeeper, though.

It really is.

Life is not better or worse than my alien hunting dreams of a lifetime ago, just different. Maybe more boring, but boring can be good. Have you ever wished for a more exciting life? I have and it always backfires. This is why you need to practice your genie wishes (you’ve seen that X-files episode, right?) I might be too old to want this, but I just want some peace and stability. I do not miss the rock and roll lifestyle. I will gladly trade in my rock and roll tee shirt that proves I was there and that I heard of them first.

I’m getting old and reflective. My son is going to be 4 in a month. Four years old. 1460 days. This borders on impossible. He walks up the stairs now with alternating feet, can use a mixer by himself and takes vitamins. He takes vitamins, like a big kid.

Like a boss.

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