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Finally finished


I posted about a quilt that I was making for Robin a while ago and I finally finished it this week!

I love each and every fabric that I used. Especially the anime girls!

Every hexagon is hand sewn. Tedious = Love

Karate monkeys are randomly embroidered. Love = Tedious

It finally has a border!

Mitered corners? All by hand?

I really have issues with unfinished items. I don’t know what the hell took me so long to finish this. Actually, one of my problems is that I try to rush through stuff and take the easy way out and without fail, I screw it up. I do not lie when I say I’ve wasted a spool of thread on this little quilt. So. Much. Ripping.

There is some machine sewing on the heart fabric border but the quilting, hex piecing, embroidery and border are all hand done. It’s actually easier for me this way, at least until I can figure out all of the fun things on my new sewing machine. And by new, I mean the one I got years ago and didn’t even unpack for a while and pretty much just now used it on this quilt.

I’m happy that it’s done. Makes me want to get started on another one! Don’t worry, I’ll come to my senses in 3…2…1

3 thoughts on “Finally finished

    1. chukichi Post author

      I still have some of that 90210 fabric, for real. It’s all small pieces so it will end up in a quilt (eventually). Thank you for the compliment, though, I think it’s my best one yet!

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