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Who Needs the Kwik E Mart?


Who needs the Kwik E Mart anyway?  That has really nothing to do with this entry. Moving on…

I’ve been working on the famous fornicating deer pattern and it’s turning out pretty nicely. Too bad I have a gigantic head and can’t fit it. This is just a test run anyway, but if it turns out fine, I’ll give it away to someone who doesn’t have a parade balloon for a head.

Photobucket Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden Lite. Love the color changes but I wish there was more purple. Next time I’ll be more cognizant (all greens or all gray/silver/purple).

Photobucket My floats are okay, but there’s no give.

I won’t do that half inch of plain stockinette next time. I’d definitely use a thinner yarn or just make my own pattern to fit what I want. I’m surprisingly not upset that this is now a test hat. At least I’m using up some scrap!

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