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Eating Food: Part 1–I wanna dip my balls in it*


There has been fooding going on over here. Oreo Cookie Balls was more trouble than it was worth. I really felt that this was a waste of a whole pack of Oreos.

I had to blast a WHOLE DAMN PACK of cookies. In that TINY MINI CHOPPER.

TINY MINI BROKEN CHOPPER. Fun fact: Tiny Mini Broken Chopper is the name of my imaginary band.

Blend with cream cheese and make a bunch of turds.

Almond bark and sprinkles. I got 4 colors but pink was really my favorite. Very bright!

I am officially now not a fan of almond bark. There was something very artificial in the flavor. It’s cute but the flavor wasn’t as like, mind blowing as some of the reviews stated. I think I’ll just stick with eating Oreos straight up.

*Bonus if you remember the “I wanna dip my balls in it” reference that I’m too lazy to get.

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