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I dreamt I was worried about my age


It was the end of the work day at the daycare I worked at owned by Duff Goldman. He had hair though. Long curly hair.

Photobucket The more I searched…

Photobucket the more he looked like this.

Now, at our daycare, parents had to sign waivers so that their children could learn about things. Specifically: dinosaurs, slavery and astronomy. A dad came in and was really mad because we were teaching kids about false idols and symbols and he wasn’t going to sign any of the waivers. He pointed out that there were pictures of cartoon dinosaurs and the books had pictures of symbols that were evil (they were just shapes). He was really intimidating and yelling at everyone to take it all down. I apparently had a lot of charm in this dream and linked arms with him and told him in a very nice tone that there was no way that we could take it all out. I told him that I had been in this business for over 12 years and immediately said “it doesn’t look like I’ve been in the business for over 12 years does it?!” Desperate much?

I lead him around the daycare which was actually a fantastic library a la Hogwarts.

This dream lead into another dream about a baby that people were fighting over. And when I say people, I mean demons. From Hell. But the Simpsons adopted the baby. Because that makes sense.

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