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I dreamt I was an assistant again


But in this dream, I was Tony Stark’s assistant which was awesome. Who doesn’t want to be Iron Man’s assistant??

Photobucket Downside–I was totally in love with him.

Second negative–he had just broken up with his long time girlfriend and needed me to interview new girlfriends.

I’m a failure even in my dreams.

I was hanging out with some girls and was telling them about how I work so hard and have never been to Tony’s country house, but that I wasn’t complaining because in the past year he had only been out there once with the ex girlfriend and once after his mother died. I also had a fanfuckingtastic penthouse loft apartment in the city. If I was going to live in a dream world with unrequited love from Tony Stark, at least I was living in style.

I interviewed a woman for Tony and I remember it was a really elaborate interview because it seemed to take all day. He decided he wanted to take her out to dinner so I had her get ready at the office (because we were also a salon, too?) and I had her wear a dress that Tony bought for me (but I never got to wear because I worked so much). I was surprisingly not jealous even though she looked way better in it than I did.

Suddenly, I’m at Tony’s house and they are gone on their date. I’m nosing around and realize that Tony’s shower is in his bedroom and it doesn’t appear that there is a drain on the floor. Like, he takes a shower right on the carpet. Is there an unseen drain under the carpet? It was very weird.

I was not Tony’s first assistant–Pepper Potts was still his main assistant.

Photobucket Top of the assistant chain.

I was joking with her that I’d have to kill her to be his main assistant and for some reason she didn’t find that funny.

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