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On a roll


I said February would be full of stuff. Or at least a few things that were in the works. I just finished Robin’s sundress and I more or less did the pattern myself. Yay me! As promised, I have been doing my best to get some progress shots in:

Photobucket Close up of the ruffled bottom

Photobucket Most difficult model evar!

I did a crochet provisional cast on so that I could do increase on the ruffle rather than decreases and I did this of course in the round. I did my best to do jogless stripes but let me tell you it was a pain in the ass for me. The floats were a pain and I didn’t float the blue at all. I also did a jogless garter in the round and that was pretty good. This took almost all of 2 balls of yellow and maybe half to three quarters of a ball of blue. Peaches N Cream, because it’s what I had hanging around. Overall, I’m happy with the result:





I washed it and it pilled like shit though, so I’ll have to pumice the hell out of it. I’ve washed these colors before and they didn’t do it so I don’t know why it did this time. FML. I will live. Nothing is ever done!

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