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The first and last handmade sweater I ever owned was a beautiful sky blue cabled sweater that my mom made for me when I was in grade school. I loved it and I hated it–it was beautiful but it didn’t fit. It wasn’t a sweater for me, just a sweater that was made that I was supposed to wear. I remember clearly that it was too tight at the arm seam and around the neck. I was too fat for it, so I said it was too itchy and didn’t want to wear it. Even then, I didn’t want to admit I was too fat for it. In retrospect, she could have just made it to you know, actually fit me.

Fast forward to the present. My first go at a sweater(vest). I really need quick projects right now–instant gratification. Otherwise things will languish forever. Sleeves just slow you down, man!

In process. Disinterested cat is disinterested.

I made this sweater for Josh, but I had my doubts the whole time about the yarn. In fact, I started this years ago in a different yarn and in fact have totally frogged it. It was HUGE. Like, twice as big as what he can fit right now. What was I thinking?

The yarn is Patons SWS (soy wool stripes) in Natural Earth; two balls alternating to even out the colors. I didn’t really want solid bold stripes. It’s SO FUZZY. ITCHY FUZZY. It was just not the right texture for a kid. It’s also heavy as hell (read: warm) so I think this will just add to the fidget factor. Oh well, he looks cute in it anyway, and will wear it if he has a collared shirt on. He did acquiesce and let me get a few action shots:

Photobucket He can sing the National Anthem better than Christina Aguilera!


Photobucket She wants me to smile big? I’ll SMILE BIG!

Photobucket Jumping!


Photobucket Arms out!

The pattern is a simple cable vest modified to work in the round. It was a pain in the ass when I had to start working on straights because of how I was alternating yarns. Next time, I’ll do two row alternating (planning fail) so I won’t have three strands running at once. I also crocheted the neck instead of knitting it–Josh has a big toddler head and I didn’t have any room to add that many stitches. Again, better planning next time. I will count this towards my ChÜberlist: 2011 totals but I am sure I’ll make him another one before year end. In more Josh appropriate yarn.

Getting finished right now is a knitted cotton sun dress for Robin that just needs blocked and ends weaved in (not in that order). I also just need to add binding to her quilt to finish it but I just can’t finish anything. I might have to instate Finishing Friday to my work week.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory

    1. chukichi Post author

      It’s true. I could put him in a paper bag and everyone would be all “omg! he’s so cute in that!” I’m lucky that way. I can make anything and he and Robin will make it look good!

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