Veri-Green is not Veri-Good -or- More Evidence that I Am The Most Boring Person Ever

Ahh, back to our regularly scheduled program.

I have a problem with people saying that I have too much free time now that I’m an official SAHM. I don’t think I have too much free time, it’s just now I have an additional 10+ hours a day in which I am not an indentured servant to a crazy person.

I’m a slave to two crazy people, but I digress.

One thing I discovered today in my pantry was a Kroger brand can of “Veri-Green” green beans. Gee, if it’s spelled incorrectly, it MUST be good, right?

Photobucket Veri beani

It’s supposed to be fresher and greener than regular green beans, so I had to compare.

Photobucket And not just compare, but document my comparison.

Gross. These pictures are not edited. Here’s the side by side:

Photobucket This is a serious color discrepancy. I told you I was boring.

My first thought was, well shit, no one wants to eat olive colored green beans when you can have the fresher greener green beans. And then I smelled it. It was close, but not quite. I did not taste it. Then I decided to look at the label:

Photobucket zinc chloride

Lots of sciency stuff. TL;DR, but here are the highlights:
-used as a fireproofing agent and in fabric “refresheners” such as Febreze.
-Historically a dilute aqueous solution of zinc chloride was used as a disinfectant…is also used in some commercial brands of antiseptic mouthwash.
-Zinc chloride is a skin and respiratory irritant according to its MSD

Also note that “VERI-GREEN is a trademark of the Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc“, a leading supplier of aerosol packaging, beverage packaging, food packaging and metal closures.


Um…don’t eat Veri-Green green beans, okay?


    1. I know, right? And I’m not usually the organic only read every label type of person. I’m just too lazy for that. But when I opened the can and the color burned my retinas out, I thought I should investigate further.

    2. I know, right? And I’m not usually the organic only read every label type of person. I’m just too lazy for that. But when I opened the can and the color burned my retinas out, I thought I should investigate further.

  1. My family and I consider these Veri-Green beans to be the best canned green beans on earht. We eat nothing else. They taste great.

    1. I don’t think they’re the best canned beans on earth, but to each their own. We’ve made the leap to frozen veggies only because I can only grow resentment ;)

  2. Very good analysis but you’ve made the wrong conclusion because Zinc Chloride actually breaks down to Zinc and Chloride in the presence of water. Zinc in moderation is actually good for your health . ZnCl2 is added to preserve the green colour and inhibit some microbe proliferation. Water is used in air fresher too but can you come to a conclusion that water is not good for you?

    1. I doubt that 5 minutes looking at the difference between two cans of green beans would count as a ‘very good analysis’ but thanks! The only conclusion that I came to is that the green beans with the zinc chloride smells weird to me. Honestly, after 4 years, I can’t even eat canned green beans because the flavor, texture and smell just aren’t right for me, additives or not. I understand that zinc in moderation is good for my health (I actually do take my vitamins and supplements. Sometimes. When I remember. Okay, rarely.) as are a bunch of other things that sound scary on paper. Not once in this old blog post did I even suggest that water isn’t good and I’m not a health nut that freaks out over every little thing-simply put, at the time, I’d rather have green beans x vs. green beans y.

      Personally, less additives are better than more and I doubt that’s really a point of debate regarding food. Having said that, I’m a full on Diet Coke addict but make sure that my children get vaccinated, eat vegetables that are non-organic but fresh and raw or frozen and will eat delicious, delicious red meat until I die (which will probably be sooner than other people, but there ya go).

      I wish I had known that this post, of all the absolutely *ridiculous* things I post about, was going to be as popular as it is. My legacy as the weirdo who doesn’t like this specific type of green beans is secure!

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