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Your ripples are showing -OR- Stuff I’ve Been Doing


I have, like everyone else who makes resolutions, been quite busy for the first few weeks of this year. I’ve actually been getting things done. I suspect February will also be busy because I’ve got a lot of things that in process.

Let it be known that dieting is not on my list this year. Not because my fatass doesn’t need it, but because I’m so unbelievably lazy and would much prefer to ignore this problem.

I’ve been working on ChÜberlist items and actually have something to show for it:

14. Finish Robin’s afghan

Photobucket Sorry for the shitty lighting, it’s the middle of the night.

Photobucket Ripple shot.

18. Knit a pair of socks for myself. Twilight sock pattern (unfortunate name, I know) from 2-at-a-Time Socks. My gauge started off right and got looser and looser so instead of the intended recipient, I kept them for myself. In a perfect world, I would have frogged it all and started again, but I’m not perfect and fuck that shit, I wanted some socks for me. It was a surprise gift anyway, so no feelings were hurt. And I like them very much so nyah.

Photobucket Process shot

Photobucket Heel

Photobucket Done and rewarded with Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits.

75. Turn in all Box Tops for Education pieces; quit collecting them. I am a weirdo and have been collecting these for a while for no good reason. I finally found a recipient and $15 worth of Box Tops for Education are on their way to educating some kids. $15 is not that much, but you wouldn’t turn down $15, would you? I didn’t think so:

Photobucket Thanks, Chris!

I have a bunch of other things in process, as I always do:
7. Two scarves for myself this year; I’ve pretty much given up on scarf a day.
13. Use up all of that stupid homespun yarn.
15. Finish Josh’s knitted blanket; if not done by 7/31, frog and re-purpose
28. Re-purpose and repair all old clothes by May 1
29. Finish Robin’s hex quilts
45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet
60. Clean off and actually use the kitchen desk.

But first, dinner.

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