this thing is still about things

The only thing missing is…


Tell me. What is the only thing missing here?


a.) Class
b.) Talent
c.) Money
d.) You
e.) All of the above

The only thing missing is U. And everything else. To be fair, glamor is actually not incorrect, just totally weird. The American Heritage dictionary says:

Usage Note: Many words, such as honor, vapor, and labor, are usually spelled with an -or ending in American English but with an -our ending in British English. The preferred spelling of glamour, however, is -our, making it an exception to the usual American practice. The adjective is more often spelled glamorous in both American and British usage.

Reminds me of Don Pteranodon:


If you’ve ever watched Dinosaur Train, you know why this reminds me of Don. The shop has been abandoned for months. Just long enough to put this crap on the windows. Probably couldn’t even pay the rent.

UPDATE: I just noticed the window says “Where the glamo?”. Exactly, my friend. Exactly.

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