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One Kitten for Kim


When I was a child, I had a few favorite books that unfortunately were destroyed or lost (not by me) a long time ago. When I had children, I thought about these books so much–I wanted my kids to enjoy the same awesome books that I did.

This is what Ebay and Amazon were made for.

One book that I was able to find that was actually affordable is One Kitten for Kim. Obviously I purchased one of the used ones. If you want to buy me a new or collectible one, just comment and I’ll send you my address ;)

The story is of Kim and his quest to find a home for the litter of kittens that his cat Geraldine had. He keeps one and loads the other six into a basket, into his wagon, and hits the pavement in his neighborhood. Adventure begins!

I wanted to share some pictures from this beautiful book. It was written and illustrated in 1969. It made me happy as a child, and now it makes me happy as a mom.

Front and back cover, with Kim, Geraldine and the kittens.

Photobucket Mustard and aqua and 1969. I’m inspired to knit something with these colors now!

Mrs. McGinty lived next door.

On the way to Miss Murphy’s house.

Miss Murphy did not like noise.

Millicent and Mrs. May; Millicent went to the zoo and wants a tiger.

Photobucket I love this sun!

I love this book. If you are interested in helping me complete my childhood collection, I do not yet have a copy of The Sheep of the Lal Bagh or Pirates in the Park. Books = happy!

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