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One of last year’s ChÜberlist items was to perfect home made ice cream. Now, perfect is such a specific term. What I should have written instead of “perfect home made ice cream” was “make any kind of ice cream before 12/31 for the first time”. And that, I did.



I asked for last minute advice from Kamran at The Sophisticated Gourmet and Jeannette, aka Kickpleat at Everybody Likes Sandwiches via Twitter and they offered up some really amazing suggestions: Mango Frozen Yogurt and Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. Since I didn’t have the ingredients to make any of those and I was being lazy and under an imaginary deadline, I went with Pumpkin Ice Cream from Williams-Sonoma, and even that I made lazier by using pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Also, I’m way uncool and didn’t have any bourbon. It came out quite delicious:


For the record, the Mr. did NOT like it. He didn’t like something but couldn’t tell me what. His complaints were that it was too much like pumpkin pie and not enough vanilla. Reminds me of a phrase that I used with one of my writer friends when discussing reviews from her book editor: “You have a really great cow but can you make it into a horse?”

Josh likes it and I like it so it’s good enough for me. If I could change anything, I would have rtfm to my ice cream maker so I wouldn’t have wasted my whole life making this ice cream. Also, a better freezer container would have made me happier–10 days in the freezer and I could taste an oldness to it.

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