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3 AM


In today’s edition, let’s discuss what 3 AM looks like:

Photobucket 1. Denial— “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening, not to me.”
Denial is usually only a temporary defense for the individual. This feeling is generally replaced with heightened awareness.


2. Anger— “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; “Who is to blame?”
Once in the second stage, the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue. Because of anger, the person is very difficult to care for due to misplaced feelings of rage and envy. Any individual that symbolizes sleep is subject to projected resentment and jealousy.


3. Bargaining— “Just let me stay awake with you for a little while.” “If you let me stay up tonight, I’ll take a nap tomorrow.”
The third stage involves the hope that the individual can somehow postpone or delay sleep. Usually, the negotiation for an extended bedtime is made with a parent in exchange for a reformed sleep schedule. Psychologically, the individual is saying, “I understand I will eventually sleep, but if I could just have more time…”

4. Depression— “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to sleep… What’s the point?”
During the fourth stage, the sleepy person begins to understand the certainty of sleep. Because of this, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time crying and grieving. This process allows the sleepy person to disconnect oneself from things they would see and do while awake. It is not recommended to attempt to wake up an individual who is in this stage. It is an important time for falling asleep that must be processed.


5. Acceptance— “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”
In this last stage, the individual begins to come to terms with his sleepiness or that of his loved one.

This concludes our lesson today on 3 AM and what it looks like. Please note that 3 AM may also look like 4 AM or 5 AM, but should not be confused with 9 PM or 3 PM.

Thank you.

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