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ChÜberlist: 2011–Year of the Selfish Bastard


Photobucket Which one are you? Shit, which one am I??

Behold, the ChÜberlist: 2011–Year of the Selfish Bastard. I do too much for people that aren’t me or my family. Too much for work, too much for friends, too much worrying and spending time on things that don’t matter. This year definitely the year to be more selfish and remember who matters the most.


Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’d like to be slightly less retarded than I’ve been in years past, so this may be the shortest ChÜberlist ever. Hopefully this will help my year end percentage less shitty.

1. Knit casual sweater for Robert.
2. Knit work sweater for Robert.
3. Knit sweater or sweater vest for Josh.
4. Knit a sweater for myself.
5. Knit a sweater for Robin.
6. Knit hat collection for myself (hat a day) – need six more; one needs to be frogged and re-knit. One each in the collection should be a slouchy tam and one should be Fair Isle.
7. Two scarves for myself this year; I’ve pretty much given up on scarf a day.
8. Knit a pair of mittens for child or adult.
9. Gloves. A much more serious undertaking than mittens.
10. Redeem myself from 2010’s Red Scarf Project fiasco and have my two scarves done and ready to mail on the 9/15 start date.
11. 5 pairs of baby booties
12. 5 baby hats
13. Use up all of that stupid homespun yarn.
14. Finish Robin’s afghan
15. Finish Josh’s knitted blanket; if not done by 7/31, frog and re-purpose
16. Knit three pairs of gift socks
17. Knit pair of socks for Robert
18. Knit a pair of socks for myself.

19. 5 baby quilts or blankets
20. Sew 5 pj pants for Robin
21. Sew 5 pj pants for Josh
22. Sew 3 additional pieces of clothing for Robin
23. Sew 3 additional pieces of clothing for Josh
24. Start postage stamp quilt; at least 2 squares (12”) done by year end
25. Finish Witch cross stitch.
26. Complete one new cross stitch project
27. Finish Josh’s Christmas stocking
28. Re-purpose and repair all old clothes by May 1
29. Finish Robin’s hex quilts

30. Final decision on home schooling by June 1
31. Turn library/den into study/home school room
32. Have Robin sleeping in her own room by March 31
33. create home school lesson plans deadline
34. go to the park two times a week
35. Play outside additional two times a week
36. Scan in all of Josh’s art.
37. Start a blog for Josh with his art and stories.
38. Budget $50 per month for home school supplies.
39. Take advantage of a free library event once a month starting no later than march.
40. Take the family to the Zoo.
41. Take the family to Fernbank.
42. Take the family to Stone Mountain.
43. Make and use sticker reward chart for Josh.

44. Do one home repair item per month: set mailbox in cement
45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet
46. Do one home repair item per month: paint guest/work room
47. Do one home repair item per month: repair sewer line
48. (counts as two)
49. Do one home repair item per month: stain and seal deck
50. (counts as two)
51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store
52. Do one home repair item per month: clean out basement
53. Do 20 of the weeks out of the One Year to an Organized Life book
54. Have a two week+ meal plan, lunch and dinner
55. Reduce my internet time incrementally until I am down to two hours a day.
56. Have 7 home made meals in the freezer at a time.
57. keep a better inventory of food/better grocery lists
58. Clean up all tools/building supplies that are laying around the house.
59. clean up the tools when I’m done with a project, every time, even if I think I’m going to work in it later. Because I never do.
60. Clean off and actually use the kitchen desk.
61. Do a household purge, one room each month starting no later than March.
62. buy metal racks for basement storage

Time Management/Me, Me, Me
63. update ChÜberlist monthly
64. Christmas knitting/gifting done and mailed by 12/15.
65. have ChÜberlist: 2012 done and posted before year end
66. Cut TV to 2 hours per day (not including nap time!)
67. Keep myself and the kids on a wake up, nap and bedtime schedule
68. Clean up and finish new guest room (formerly nursery, formerly junk room)
69. Read two books out of my library that I’ve never read before
70. Use the treadmill three times a week.
71. Take more process photos of projects.
72. Have five real dates with the Mr. this year.
73. Make a Halloween quilt by Halloween.
74. No yarn or fabric purchase until I’ve used double of what I want to buy (ex: if I use two yards of fabric, I can buy one yard)
75. Turn in all Box Tops for Education pieces; quit collecting them.

Photobucket Who’s an optimist? No, seriously, who is an optimist??

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