this thing is still about things

Well shit.


Just read them all because they’re all funny.

I’ve been working on ChÜberlist: 2011 and reviewing ChÜberlist: 2010. So far, 2010 has been a totally shit year. I mean, I already knew that, but when numbers stare you in the face, you feel even worse than before. I completed a total of 34 items.


Out of 105.


Boohissfail. This even after last minute scrambling to finish a few more items (actual post with actual pictures coming sooner or later). Here is what I actually completed:

2. Make a new hat for Josh by 1/31.
5. Knit a new hat for the Mr.
7. Knit a hat for myself.
8. Knit three hats of various sizes for Robin.
9. Knit a new baby blanket for Robin.
10. Knit a blanket for Josh.
12. Make one hex quilt this year of any size.
13. Knit some hand/arm warmers for me.
14. Make a straight knitting needle holder.
16. Knit two pairs of socks for Josh.
17. Knit two pairs of socks for Robin.
20. Learn how to make an applied I-cord edge.
24. For every type of ornament I craft for gifts this year I must make one for me.
25. Halloween cross stitch patterns (owl and witch) to be done by October 1.
30. Create some sort of practical yarn and craft storage.
38. Keep going to a salon instead of those butchers at Great Clips.
46. Never use the word potty when my son is not around.
49. Take the family to the aquarium.
53. Carve a family of pumpkins for Halloween.
60. Develop a debt reduction system and stick to it.
63. Create a Christmas ornament photo journal.
66. Hang all framed art and photos by 1/31.
67. Have my car maintained on time, every time.
69. Learn how to back up my hard drive.
70. Learn how to archive and back up Outlook.
74. Finish remodeling baby’s room by 3/31.
83. Paint Josh’s room.
84. Have estimates for new kitchen counters.
90. Perfect the master bread recipe in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.
92. Have one meatless dinner per week.
100. Perfect homemade ice cream.
101. Find a new cookie recipe and one candy recipe for Christmas gifting.
102. Write out and standardize 10 recipes for the family cookbook.
105. Introduce Josh to 10 new foods this year.

Now, I’m being VERY GENEROUS to myself. Because I didn’t want it to be a total waste. I did some stuff but my list is usually way over the top and unlike the original Überlist it was modeled after, my list just ends up making me feel really bad. So instead of poring over my crippling defeat, I will celebrate the fact that I actually got 34 things done while working full time and being a wife and mother of two.

Um. Yay.

I’m tentatively positive about 2011. We’ve worked hard enough that I’m now able to be a stay at home mom which actually does give me more time. I also do not plan on being overly ambitious completely retarded this year with my list.

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