this thing is still about things

No, this will not be the last post of the year.


You only really need the first 1:24 of this video to get the idea, but for no extra charge:

The entire Final Countdown (queue synthesizers!)

I’ve been debating on whether to give up on this year and just get a jump on ChÜberlist: 2011. Honestly, I’m really, really tired. The holidays felt like a big fat fail and I got some cryptic bad news this week which has compounded my blurghs. I’m doing my best to repress all of this, and not doing a bad job with the help of this:

Does every joke have a Simpson’s punchline? Why yes, yes it does.

I think I could knock out some socks for Robin in a couple of days and make some really good ice cream. That’s not bad for about a day and a half left in the year.

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