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Last Minute ChÜberlist: 2010, Part 1


This has better be a part 1, as in more parts to come.

16. Knit two pairs of socks for Josh–half done:

Socks. A whole pair of them.

He was quite eager to rid himself of his white socks for his new ones!



It’s not lost on me that there will come a time when my children won’t be happy with hand made things. A handmade scarf or hat will be an embarrassment. It will be many years of this before they’ll appreciate them again, maybe not until college. So I’m savoring it now, while it lasts.

2×2 rib sock, no idea what kind of yarn this is. I know it’s most likely a superwash wool with some nylon but who knows; I lost the ball band a million years ago when I first bought and planned to use it. I think I bought it at either Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s.

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